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Oboe Pieces

This post is about the oboe pieces I’ve listened to, with some brief impressions. I haven’t been able to find too many solo compositions, like I did for flute, for example. The list also includes pieces for oboe with orchestral or piano accompaniment, which were more accessible for me. Where oboe parts are interesting in orchestral/ensemble/chamber music, these were also added. Besides this list, you can also take a look at my research about the oboe.

Solo Oboe

Henri Tomasi – Evocations for Solo Oboe

In style, this piece reminded me a bit of Bozza’s pieces, which I’ve included in the flute repertoire list. Indeed, Tomasi’s style is often said to have much in common with Bozza. I loved the titles for the movements – Peruvienne, Nigerienne, Cambodgienne (Asparas) and Ecossaise, which show his interest in exotic foreign cultures, as well as the notation, especially different time signatures with their exchanges. In Peruvienne, I noticed the rhythmic and percussive treatment of the instrument, which I read was actually the effect of imitating the beating of a distant jungle drum. The detached low notes are written with pianissimo, which is quite difficult for the players. I also enjoyed several instances of the nature-like sounds in the movement, mostly done by the effects such as glissando and ornamentation. Percussive parts are also found in Nigerienne, almost like reminescence to the Peruviene. Amidst the fast notes, the movement ends with slower section in 7/8 with repeated pitches, which for me nods slightly to the folk traditions and primitive cultures. Still, I absolutely loved Cambogienne and its pentatonicism. My favorite were the staccato and octave leaps in the danse part, which as the score suggests, are the imitation of the xylophone. I was a bit shocked by the key – Gb major. Ecossaise uses the Scottish elements, including the folk-line tune, and rhythmic elements such as the scotch snap, which I wrote about here.

Benjamin Britten – Six Metamorphoses After Ovid Op. 49

Eugene Bozza – Suite Monodique for Solo Oboe

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Flute Pieces

In this post, I will write about the flute compositions I’ve listen to, which include my brief thoughts about each piece. While I did concentrate on the solo items, I also listened to pieces that include orchestral or piano accompaniment, and I even added some orchestral/ensemble/chamber pieces, but only because they contain fragments with interesting flute parts. Also, read my research about the instrument itself here.

Solo flute

Friedrich Kuhlau – 3 Fantaisies for Solo Flute, Op.38

I heard a movement from one of the fantasies on a concert few years ago. Kuhlau, who is often called “the Beethoven of the flute”, is a composer from the Classic and Romantic era, so I generally knew what to expect in terms of melodic and harmonic motion. Still, these fantasies didn’t fail to surprise me in a few places, and I feel that they presented a nice introduction to phrasing and expression of the flute, as well as showing me its virtuosic possibilities. I certainly learned a lot from the way the pieces are notated, especially in regards to utilizing the range of the instrument. I really enjoyed the dramatic adagios, and I instantly recognized the melody of the theme-and-variation finale of the first fantasy – Mozart’s aria from Don Giovanni. Take a look at my analysis here. Continue reading “Flute Pieces”