About Me

Pleasure to meet you!

My name is Ariadna. My father is a Chinese documentary director and my mother is a Serbian social worker. I lived in China and went to school there until I was 8 years old, I then moved to Serbia and periodically go back to visit. Music has been my passion since my earliest childhood. I have been studying classical violin since I was 7, and later adding piano and guitar. I’m now studying for Music BA at the Open College of the Arts.

I have been studying classical painting as well, and now I mostly do oil-paintings. You can see my work here.

Besides Chinese and Serbian, I speak English and French. I worked as an interpreter on several occasions and held private lessons for elementary and secondary school students. I also have some basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish. As a child I attended Karate, in my teen years Kung Fu and Ninjutsu classes, and now I regularly do Yoga and wish to become an instructor one day. I participated in seminars and trainings held by various European NGOs as well.

I hope you will like my blog. If you want to get in touch with me, please see the Contact page.